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Game information:

Commander Keen keen dreams was considered the “lost episode” of Commander Keen, a franchise of 2d sidescrolling games developed by id software decades ago. This new modernized updated release of Commander Keen reintroduces the legendary sidescroller to new and old players wity additional new content!

Commander Keen is back. This modernised edition of the “lost episode” updates Keen to modern gaming!

This Definitive Edition includes:

Full widescreen support, no more ugly black bars!

Smooth as butter 60fps gameplay, after all 30fps that’s so next gen consoles…

12 all-new levels – doubling the length over the original

A new full music score!

The game also features a completely new gameplay system structure. It has been reworked to make the game a more modern experience without sacrificing any of the original charm!

Update 28/9/2022:

There was an error that made keys still required to download. Keys have now been disabled. If the launcher still demands a key please contact and I’ll email you a key.

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